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Sep 14, 2018

I like to work with different businesses in our community . Naturally , I was happy to provide headshot photography for Rhonda Gailey the female business entrepreneur of Gailey Enterprises .Her husband, Rich Gailey, as well as their team of real estate agents from Georgia to Florida were all included in this project as well […]

Sep 1, 2017

  The human brain has a tendency to be attracted to strong visuals. Luckily , this is also  an excellent way to reinforce your personal brand.  Personal Branding is more about how you want to be seen by others rather than your company .  Professional photography helps to create an authenticity to your brand by using […]

Aug 12, 2017

Circle and Moon.  A place where female entrepreneurs gather and create a support system for each other ! Wow !  They collaborate their ideas  and  share with the community to make it a better place . Sounds so inspiring ! I was invited to Circle and Moon for a visit .  The first visit began […]