Aug 12, 2017

Circle and Moon Branding Photography All Female Co-Working Space Roswell Georgia

Circle and Moon.  A place where female entrepreneurs gather and create a support system for each other ! Wow !  They collaborate their ideas  and  share with the community to make it a better place . Sounds so inspiring ! I was invited to Circle and Moon for a visit .  The first visit began with two working on their  laptops , making calls , smiling , and talking about their day . Then off to  get a coffee or  pick up a child from school they went. It was all very relaxing really and it felt comforting to be in the company of women getting their work done!  I was even getting work done feeling great!

Flashback to one day after a yoga class together , Heni spoke of this place where she really wanted more . More of a creative community driven space for women,  but before she had a name for it . It was an idea,  a dream . One of those marvelous ideas that get you excited about  and you don’t know how it came but it did and you make it real . This was an idea for all women . For women  to come together and to  collaborate on their ideas, dreams to be inspired,  and to be encouraged by  one another.

In May of 2017,  she created that reality for this strong vision she had .  She found the most beautiful , perfect spot in downtown historic Roswell  off the square.  She opened her doors to Circle and Moon .  The open house was so  inspiring meeting all the  women she invited.  A few to mention were aspiring writers ,  sales, decorating , a teacher, and even a little condo flipping girl boss . It was fun mingling and learning about their lives. Just imagine what this does for our community and the hearts and minds of the children that see their moms creating here.  Probably something we don’t have an idea yet of what it can create!

” This is a group for female entrepreneurs, dreamers and visionaries who are committed to building a strong community of like minded women to network, collaborate and be a support system for each other. ”

Please contact Heni  at Circle and Moon if you ‘d like to be part of this amazing space  and trend . It may even help you grow another idea ! Circle and Moon has started coordinating  some  get togethers during the week with various talks .

Update.: The rise of this female-focused co-working space was mentioned here in the CNN Money female  article online . Check it out !

Circle + Moon and the branding photos I took for her  were featured in the  Orchard Mile  and in Voyage ATL

Circle and Moon on Facebook.




rebecca bonno Branding_for_companies_circle_and_moon1circle_and_moon-0077122-Edit-2rebecca_bonno_photographer__WEBcircle_and_moon-0236279_WEBcircle_and_moon-0111154-Edit_WEBfurnishings  via Restoration Hardware and the harmonious  homey feel with Anthropologie

Prints on wall via Etsy with Dazeyla

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