Sep 14, 2018

Personal Branding & Headshots : Real Estate Gailey Enterprises

I like to work with different businesses in our community . Naturally , I was happy to provide headshot photography for Rhonda Gailey the female business entrepreneur of Gailey Enterprises .Her husband, Rich Gailey, as well as their team of real estate agents from Georgia to Florida were all included in this project as well . Meeting Rhonda, I knew right away she was a real go getter, had a strong drive, and an excellent work ethic. I loved meeting them all and learning a little about each of them . Everyone had their story . One had even just moved from all the way fromCalifornia and started working with Gailey Enterprises in Florida.

Rhonda voiced that she wanted a more professional and all around cohesive look to her agents photos so they could collectively use them on their business cards, social media, signs and website. She wanted a dark background with the option of black and white photos . Currently , everyone had different pictures that were not similar in style , color , or hue. The goal was to give each person their authentic personality but all with a cohesive , professional , and attractive look .

I was so excited to provide this for Rhonda. I had worked with her and Rich, before in the order of real estate photography of beautiful homes throughout Cherokee, Paulding, and Bartow Counties.

I feel like I could tell Rhonda or any of the friendly agents the style home I’m looking for and they would immediately understand my vision and know where to look! Their company has grown with leaps and bounds with offices in Florida as well as Acworth , Georgia .

Rhonda knows where to look when it comes to updating her professional photos and providing them for her team . I sent over guides of what to expect and what photographs best so everyone was ready looking superb when I arrived .

Rhonda not only has an amazing talent for closing over $5 Billion in Real Estate across Georgia , Florida, North and South Carolina . She has also won several awards and a few to mention are “Best Marketing Director” , “The Elite Who’s Who Among Female Executives “, among other prestious awards . She seems like a natural leader coaching the new and seasoned agents to meet their goals .

If you are in the need of a new home or sale of a home look for more information about Gailey Enterprises, Rhonda Gailey & the team she’s created, check out her professional website for a new home in the Atlanta , Georgia area .

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Would you like to discuss Personal Branding ? I’d love to help you be clear on who , what , and how you want to be seen . Feel free to contact me at the link above.


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