THE Senior EXperience

Hey there! I like  to tell a great story through pictures. You're about to experience your senior year full of epic moments & memories that will make lasting impressions .  You are going to want to remember this piece of life right here.  Don't let it go without the best memories to be made.  I know just how important  your senior pictures are to you.   I'd  love to work with you to make your session authentic; where  your true personality shines through. I'd love to get the chance to meet you and show you how you are truly one of a kind and full of heart!  Every senior is different and I aim to make your session just like you,  vibrant, and all about you bringing life into your portraits. 

What to Expect at a Senior Session
with RBP ...

Its the Little
Things ...

What makes Rebecca Bonno Photography unique ?

+ She tells great stories       with authenticity

+ The details really do         matter  

+ She cares about You ! 

+ She adds Value
+ She makes it easy to
   prepare for your session 

Choose the senior session that fits your needs and style best!  Next, you'll pay the retainer for your session and pick your date. Then just watch for an email with more information and the senior Magazine . This will haelp you everystep of the way to plan for your session. I highly recommend booking ahead of time so it can fit best for you and your busy schedule without compromising. August through October is the busiest generally but I photograph throughout the whole year. If you are in sports or dance lets also pick a session during your "season" because your passion will come through in the photos .   I offer  portrait collections for value or you can choose from & A la Carte products starting  at  $55 .


Pay your session fee


After you've booked your session and a date has been set I will send a welcome magazine and email  questionnaire . Together, we'll choose locations for the look and feel that you'd like to go for. . Next, we will plan for your big day ! We can meet in person at the local coffee shop ,  the studio , or discuss details via phone or email. I  love to meet so we can talk if possible  . You'll receive an exclusive what to wear guide that includes the perfect way to find your skin undertone so you choose the  best colors  for you.  Did you know there are colors that go with almost anyone? Ill share this . Also,  a  how to prepare guide ,  and how to have the best senior photos you could dream!  We'll discuss outfits, locations, props, & products that you'll love .  

Getting Ready


If you want to add makeup to your session,  I offer  airbrush camera ready makeup !  You can start with professional hair and make up that enhances your natural beauty for your  session  but its not required.  You go to her location or she will come to you.  Your HMU artist will  go over with you the different amounts of glam you'd like  or keep you natural even with makeup application !  Even the natural look is an expert craft ! I leave that completely up to you with what makes you feel the best !    Together we'll prepare for all the details  as much as we possibly can in advance so that the day of you can relax and have fun !

During your  senior session, I guide you into natural poses that show off your natural beauty and  make you look oh so pretty !      Its my job to make you look your best!  We accomplish this  so easily by you  just being yourself and I'll get you there .  At times  I'll ask you to pose a certain way  but inevitably  your laugh or the subtle ways that make you you  will come through . The end results are beautiful images of you with  your personality  captured  .  I  feel my style encourages the real you to shine through .   I am very laid back but also I make sure you know what to do at your session . Trust me , I ll help you every step of the way and hopefully will take one of the most beautiful images you've ever seen of yourself .

My favorite part of the  process is seeing how your confidence grows . Watching the ease as you  become more comfortable behind the camera , the  reaction you have to your images , and then to keep watching your confidence bloom.  I've watched many times the transformation that unfolds and I feel so honored to help bring that to you!



Within 2-3 weeks your images will be ready to view . You'll meet at the studio for your preview & premiere ordering session!
  When you are  ready to book send me an email via the contact page  or press Book Me and we will get the process started !  You will receive the senior magazine so you can prepare for your one of a kind senior portrait experience!  

Ordering Session