Oct 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Alexandra!!!


I’ve been blessed to have been photographing this amazing girl since she was 5 when I first started my photography business . Today she is 12!  She amazes me with her wisdom beyond her years.  Her happiness , giggles , and smiles.  Her kindness and  sweetness.  Her determination and triumphs, her successes even when something was difficult. Always pursuing happiness and greatness. I know she makes her Mom proud.  She is only twelve  and she’s made a mark on my heart from the day I met her.  Here’s to you sweet girl   and here’s your  Happy Birthday tribute ….



  1. Margaret & Bob Frost (Nana & Papa says:

    What a beautiful greeting and tribute to Alexandra. Thank You for all that tou do and hve done for our Granddaughter.

  2. Becci says:

    You are so welcome !

  3. Pat & Bob Pepper, Gran and BobBob says:

    I echo Alexandra’s other grandparents, with a sweet, and very dear tribute. With tears steaming down my face I watched your beautiful video. Yes, we are all very proud of her. Thank you for doing this and for all of the beautiful photographs over the years. I love the song that you selected also. Alexandra will lead the parade!

  4. Gran and BobBob, Pat and Bob says:

    I echo Alexandra’s other grandparents, What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful young lady. I sat watching the changes through the years with your incredible pictures and wonderful song, with tears streaming down my face.
    Alexandra will lead the parade!


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