Sep 17, 2015

Hot Air Balloons Fly Wendy Fly Canton

When the weather is crisp  and beautiful I tend to see more hot air balloons out . One morning I was out with the horse cleaning her stall and I could hear the sound of the hot air balloon coming this way  so I ran to the house to get the camera.  It happened to be  a friend of mine ( recognized by the colors of the balloon ) and another hot air ballon .    I was able to get a quick few  pictures as they skimmed across the sky above our property . I almost didnt have time as surprisingly the time it took me to grab the camera and the correct lens it was already heading past .


Have you ever wanted to take a ride in a hot air balloon?  I can’t imagine anything quit like it to make you feel more alive!   They have packages starting at $ 675 for 2 adults . So if  you ever need a hot air balloon for a romantic  or breathtaking view  check out Fly Wendy Fly on facebook or their website .





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