Jul 12, 2017

Dayin Yoga Photographer

This is Dayin .

You can find her teaching yoga in the Woodstock area at the Posture Project . She’s very passionate and fun loving about her practice. She was not short of any smiles during our time together .  You can look for her out on instagram  @dayinyogini and keep alook out for what she  has  in  plan  next  .Yoga_photographer__RBphotography-04898_WEB Dayin_Yoga__RBphotography-057392_WEB Dayin_Yoga__RBphotography-0858377-Edit_WEB Dayin_Yoga__RBphotography-0734253_WEB Dayin_Yoga__RBphotography-0752271-Edit_WEB Dayin_Yoga__RBphotography-0803322-Edit_WEB Dayin_Yoga__RBphotography-0925444-Edit_WEB



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