Jun 11, 2017

Fara Yoga Life – Roswell Yoga Photographer

Im so excited to have had the opportunity to photograph 200RYT Yoga teacher,  Fara McCrady .   She graduated from Dorje Yoga school  in July of 2016 and is now teaching in the  community of Roswell.  Georgia  Vinyasa yoga classes at Roswell Yoga Life.  She has a very intelligent practice and keeps class light hearted with her laugh . Go check her classes out soon!



010_Fara_Yoga_rebeccaBonno_Photography-951732_WEB.jpg 029_Fara_Yoga_rebeccaBonno_Photography-9664177-Edit_WEB.jpg 039_Fara_Yoga_rebeccaBonno_Photography-9749262-Edit_WEB.jpg 033_Fara_Yoga_rebeccaBonno_Photography-9681194-Edit_WEB.jpg




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