Mar 5, 2016

Maha Patha Yoga Meditation Retreat at Elohee Sautee Mountains Yoga Photographer

This was such a beautiful nourishing retreat and if you ever get a chance to participate with Douglas Johnson at his exclusive Maha Patha Yoga  retreats throughout the year,  I would say most definitely go ! You will not regret it .  It is such a wonderful way to give yourself some love and in the process meet new friends , eat delicious food, and surround yourself with a deeper understanding of your practice . Taking the time to rejuvenate your body, heart , mind, and soul helps to cultivate  the best version of yourself possible.

The  beautiful Maha Patha Yoga retreat took place at Elohee‘s Thanksgiving house . At first arrival , a smiling Eve  welcomed me and others with a warm hug .   We gathered our bags and entered through an inviting   little wooden door that opened up into a gorgeous home that felt built just for the land .  It mimicked the more than 100 foot waterfall that was its backdrop through the windows that can be seen on every level of the 3 story retreat center.   It was such a welcoming feeling as soon as we arrived and you could see it on everyone’s face.

Elohee is a retreat center with its own magical and energetic  oasis in the North Georgia Mountains of Sautee.  Its a very special loving  place  made possible by Eve Cook’s  dreams of providing an environment  where people can find their healing  needs  of  any level  on the sacred grounds based in nature.  Elohee provides so many opportunities for   education, yoga, meditation , art , and sustainability .    The word Elohee comes from a Cherokee meaning  translated El’-oh-hee as “sacred earth place.”  The grounds are surrounded with tall growth of trees and the soothing sound of the  waterfall  .  We participated in daily yoga, meditation, fresh organic and local foods,  nature hikes, gorgeous views of mountains ,   waterfalls, and a soak in the man made rock  hot tub.  Of course if your daring like, Hannah, then  you’d enjoy a freezing   jump and short swim across  the natural eco – swimming pool !     Its hard to explain in words  the beauty  here but there were so many heartfelt touches  including the trails marked with colorful hearts to lead the way to the top of the mountain . The food was beyond delicious and just as beautiful upon presentation. They pay close attention to detail here .   Take a look  at the slideshow below  but  really you need to go see for yourself how amazing this place is and please say hello to  Eve for me ! <3







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