Jun 10, 2011

Happy 90 Years Young Birthday Party

My family  had the priviledge to attend an event that doesn’t seem to happen to often. It was my first one in fact . It was a huge  90 year old birthday party.  It wasn’t just a party it was a “shindig” according to Georgia folk.  My youngest promptly  googled ” shindig” to try to understand the meaning and found ” a usually large or lavish party .” Yes, it was .  There were plenty of friends and family: children and  the most delicious southern home cooked food .  Fresh fried catfish, homemade macaroni, that famous potato salad, pies, etc… filled several tables .   Cletus T’s Ribs and Barbeque provided for the best ribs ever and amazing sauce ( contact them for your next event) .

Most of all this day was for the famous Dillard  or  ” Pa Tooter” . He had been a saw miller since the age of 9 yrs old but around it all of his life.   It was passed down in the family since his father had been one also.   Once he got into retirement age he made a hobby of making grandfather  clocks out of his wood shop in the back. What an amazing milestone to become 90 and to see the  many many people who think so very highly of him and how much his family loves him.  Thank you for a fun filled day and the interesting stories  I learned y’all!








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