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Aug 5, 2018

It’s really about you. I want you to Love your forever! My main goal is to focus on the love story between you both as a couple on this day. All the moments as they unfold authentically. The beauty of the tears shed , love professed, intimacy, and the best memorable moment of your life!  […]

Jul 15, 2014

Two amazing people found each other on  Thanksgiving day. It was a date and was almost called off twice.   Little did they know that their lives would eventually navigate them to one another.  It was meant to be. They met at one of the only restaurants open between them driving from separate towns and […]

Jun 21, 2014

Ashley + Kyle’s engagement session began on the river not far from Atlanta .  We hiked down trails and across rocks and thru the rivers rushing waters to create some amazing images.   A perfectly matched couple. They are so into each other    . What an awesome couple .  Their wedding is set for […]

Aug 18, 2013

They met playing company league softball . It was just a friendly friendship. She secretly thought he had a crush on her . It turned out he hadn’t at the time . He was just genuinely friendly. Months passed and they occasionally would  run into each other.  Eventually over time ,  a first date was requested […]

Oct 17, 2012

Oh what a difference 24 hours can make .  If you would of told me last Friday that I’d be photographing a surprise wedding at a Barn Dance on Saturday ,  I would of said, ” Yay, right!”  First of all, have you ever heard of a surprise wedding ????   Nope , didn’t think so. […]

Mar 17, 2012

    (This was a couple madly and happily in love  above that I photographed . They were steamy! ) I also wanted to share Something Beautiful to Watch….. It sends chills  seeing how passionate they are as they sing this song . I’m such a romantic though so I love this .  You have […]

Dec 11, 2011

I am really excited to share some of Mandy’s photos before she celebrated her beautiful barn engagement party with all her friends and family . You may  remember this gorgeous couple from another session here. These two are playful and fun and I know are going to have the time of their lives. The party […]

Nov 4, 2011

Source: weheartit.com via Rebecca on Pinterest Sometimes its  the simple things that make us smile. As a little girl my favorite prized posession was my little yellow Pooh Bear that my grandmother made  a few cute clothes for.  Pooh you were  the best! Happy Friday! XOXO

Jun 10, 2011

My family  had the priviledge to attend an event that doesn’t seem to happen to often. It was my first one in fact . It was a huge  90 year old birthday party.  It wasn’t just a party it was a “shindig” according to Georgia folk.  My youngest promptly  googled ” shindig” to try to […]

May 29, 2011

A day like this is rememberable. It doesn’t fade quickly It speaks to the heart. The way he looked at her. The way she smiled at him. I felt I was witnessing the most special love before my eyes.  Bryan was saying I love you with every glance towards Jessica. Jessica replied with the same […]