Nov 10, 2016

Vintage Airstream Senior Session -Mia


Creekview High School

Mia’s session was so incredible !  I loved hanging out with her and her mom on their gorgeous place in Canton .  We first spent time in the field with her pups who liked causing chaos , mischief, and laughter . I’m only kidding! They really were really quite good!  They were  funny to watch chasing after one another just because they were so happy ! I love that about dogs. If I only knew the best was yet to come !

The lighting played a soft dance in the field too and just to freeze the moment was magic . We had such a great time and as we were wrapping up we only had one more location to photograph  just a few more to go . It was starting to get darker and I was pushing it with the sun going down .  Once we arrived there I could of spent a whole other session photographing her ! It was the cutest Vintage Airstream you could ever imagine in your whole life !!!! Seriously , it was like nothing I’d ever seen.  The outside has covered in various hand painted   pink  roses and posies.  A cute little bird and scrolling to match its exterior and the words Magnolia Pearl artistically painted across it . The interior was completely redone in a steampunk style with vintage fabrics of velvet   and lace .  I am in love with it!!!  I want to do it all again  and spend more time inside of this marvel .  Mia,  if you go on a road trip I will have to follow you ;).  So call me K ?!  xoxo !

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