Jul 19, 2020

The Glamper

I might of made up the word Glamper . Ive never heard it used before but thats what i call my sons creation . He bought a old pop up tent and was going to fix it up . well the more he got to working on it the more he had to redo . Before he knew it he tore the whole thing down to its platfor and started from. there .

He built the walls out of 2 x 4’s like you would build a house and started constructing .

What he thought would take a few days ended up taking a few months during the summer when he wasn’t at work.  I was really proud of him continuing to figure out all that goies into making a tiny house camper style !   He really did a great job and tried to stick with mostly materials we already had . Some items were left over from other projects .

The wood was milled from some neighbors saw mill of  georgia pine. WE used it for the inside of our shop and had some left over . We had 2 windows that we bought on clearance at Lowes for $10  for our bathroom but he worked the design of his trailer around those windows. The roofing repurposed . It was our old roofing to our  house that we had replaced.  The wood on the inside of the trailer was all left over from our home as well . Some was left over shiplap we used in our living room .  Some things he did have to buy of course .  He replace the axle and needed bigger tires .

Isn’t it cute ?!! Well he has decided to move on and try something else. He kept it for almost a year . If you’re interested contact me .





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