Mar 4, 2024

Spring Break Must Haves for Travel

Spring Break will be here before you know it and I’m here to help you get it all together!

I compiled a short list of some essentials for you to help make it easier and organized to pack !

Travel Back Pack

This backpack is perfect for travel. It holds a laptop too which is a huge bonus. It can serve as a carry-on and is TSA-friendly and airline-approved. It also is easy for a weekend trip as well. Did I mention it’s water-resistant? It comes in black and also a green color too.

SUN SCREEN Another must-have is you’re going to want to protect your beautiful skin. Sun Bum is one of my favorites. It comes in the spray or the lotion depending on what you prefer. I find the spray is super easy to do. You definitely can’t leave without your sunscreen. And who can resist the smell of summer???

Wireless Ear buds ! I like these JBL Wirelss ear buds because the sound is good and they come in different colors so they are easy to find . I love the coastal blue color !

Milani Make it last sunscreen setting spray for your makeup . The amazing thing is this setting spray sets your makeup and keeps it fresh for up to 16 hours of wear even in the sun .

Waterbottle to stay hydrated . I love this bottle because it has goal markers on the side of it to help remind you where you should be throughout the day and also has cute motivational quotes to keep you going ! Its perfect for the beach, gym , hiking or even camping .

Bring snacks ! Every one loves a good snack. Road trip or otherwise even if your flying its a good idea to get something thats easy and gives you some energy . Theres various protein bars that can help you out Aloha protein bars . They have a ton of flavors and they are low in sugar too !

How about the Perfect BAR ?? Have you tried those ??? They are delicious! They have so many flavors the chocolate cookie dough one is my current craving. I like to keep these in the fridge. They are a tasty treat if you are into protein like me. I’d like to try the coconut flavor next!

A Toiletry Bag Of course no trip is complete without your toiletries. A clear one makes it easy to find all your items. you can see exactly what you’re looking for. This clear toiletry bag comes with travel bottles too. Its simple for the minimalist or if you just needed a little add on . I have some other choices below for the full on traveler. Below you’ll also see some larger bags that you find you ‘ll love .

This one is the clear travel makeup bag with a zipper pouch on the bottom that I would love. I have it in a solid pink color without the zipper. I may get it in the cream since they now have the zipper in the bottom. I love how it holds extra brushes and stays organized. It comes in various colors and textures too and clear options if you want to see your items easily or choose the solid colors.

Here’s the hanging Clear bag for more storage that you can see through and I love that it comes in Rose gold.

If you need a larger hanging toiletry bag this one holds a ton!

I hope you have an amazing Spring Break!




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