Apr 9, 2011

Family & Senior Sessions What to wear


To Start you want to think about the location we will be photographing at . Is it urban , country , natural , or Formal . 

Next what is your vibe ?  Earthy , Eclectic , Soft ? What colors portray this ? 

Then the Season …. Fall, Winter , spring or summer ? 

Fall colors : 

Most of all I  am going to want you to have fun.  My goal is to make this your session of images about your life and who you are.   The following are  some guide lines to help  make your clothing choices easier.

Keep in Mind:

  • Wear layers  or texture in the clothing , scarves, Cardigans, Komono
  • Texture again , because it looks so great!  Lace, ruffles, chunky knits or any knit , embrodery in a dress, etc..
  • Keeping it simple is always great. My favorite is jeans and a cute top or a flowy dress .
  • Bring different changes of clothing for a variety of different looks for seniors .{ Be dressy, casual, formal , and or sporty} families its best to keep with one outfit 
  • Be unique , choose fun clothes that make you feel your best.
  • Color Coordinate but don’t be too matchy matchy! 
  • Bring a pair of  fun shoes, boots with socks  or go barefoot which is always my favorite!
  • Accessorize with Jewelry, hats, headbands and Belts
  • Bring your favorite things ie,  musical instrument, sports, ballet shoes, tools, car…
  • Its fun to bring formal outfits and your regular  clothing for variety with senior sessions
  • For whites try to choose an off whites or creamy  instead of stark white.
  • Guys make sure your socks are dark if you have dark pants and light if you have light colored pants 
  • Guys let “new ” haircuts grow out at least   a few days or preferably for  5 -7 days otherwise it looks really blunt in pictures
  • Wear chapstick for guys  or lip gloss for girls especially if you tend to get chapped lips
  • Drink lots of water  the day before and day of for pretty skin!
  • Be true to yourself .
  • Be on time  so we can use the best light

My message is this  — Don’t stress over what to wear, just bring what you love & include variety. Wear clothes that are comfortable and express your personality.  If you wear what you love you can’t help but feel amazing and it will shine through in the photos!

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Start with your outfit and mesh the others around that. Put yourself first for once! ) Pick something you’ll feel confident  and LOVE what you wear. YOU deserve that. build around your outfit . 

Don’t get too matchy-matchy. Add in various textures, colors that mesh well with one another, and don’t be afraid to pop in a splash of pattern.

-Basic isn’t a bad thing. Spice up basic pieces with layers for Dynamic looks (cardigans, layered button-up, sweater, scarf). 

-Avoid super bold patterns. You want to look at the picture and notice your expressions, and vibe, not that super bold zig Zag tee and neon pants 

-Some of great  places to shop for basics… Old NavyH&MZara, Levi, and Target.

-Make sure whatever outfits you choose, they are YOU. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable during the photos, so make sure your personalities and vibes are also a part of your decision-making when planning.

-Fave places to get dresses  Lulus, Asos , or Free People, even Amazon !  Best part? Don’t love it you can always return . 

-Lay the outfits out on the floor and see how they mesh.Put a pop of color in someones dress ,  cordoroy vest,  or shoes . 


  • Wearing writing or VERY big logos
  • Dressy Clothes that don’t allow you to Relax or be Yourself( unless they are You of course!)
  • Haircuts right before a session
  • Avoid neon . it color casts on your skin and doesnt photograph well
  • Too short of a skirt or too low neck lines
  • too contrasty of clothing . For example a white skirt and black top . The eye will be drawn to the skirt rather than the face .  Try clothing that is either , colorful , darks with darks or lights with lights. it jsut needs to mesh well ! 

Feel free to contact me with any ideas or questions. 

Here is some  inspiration for your fall family session . Carmels, Pinks , and Blues all coordinated just right ! If you need help deciding what to wear you can also see many more  ideas on my Pinterest 

what to wear board , family photography , what to wear Spring , or the senior fashion for girls and guys  what to wear  .



  • Try to coordinate rather than match too much .
  • Pick a pattern in one item of clothing and gather 2 or 3 colors from it to help coordinate.
  • Most often shirts can be untucked for guys 
  • Accessorize for interest, color, and texture. ie hats , jewelry, scarfes, etc
  • Girls — For that Eclectic look –Matilda Jane, tutu  du monde


Levis: for jeans in Khaki color , Blue , or black.     

Free People :


Boutique stores in  Canton at the Etowah mills or Woodstock 


Maternity Sessions:

  • Moms bring a black tank top and black yoga pants for simple belly shots or a white button down shirt . 
  • Maxi dresses , flowing,  or ruffly clothes to show off the beautiful baby belly
  • Patterned button down shirts for fun make great pictures too or your husbands dress shirt !
  • I can help you with some ideas and designers 



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