Dec 17, 2011

O’ Christmas Tree

We finally had the chance to decorate the christmas tree last Sunday night. Our puppy ( actually teen pup at the moment) was pretty curious about the whole thing and  although I thought the tree looked nicely trimmed already, Spud had other ideas in mind.  He  kept trying to trim another lower branch by grabbing it with his mouth and making a break for it. Whoosh, another branch taken out by  our lively  happy  pup. I was beginning to think by the time Christmas came around our tree would resemble the famous Charlie Brown Christmas tree with a sparsly branched twig and several missing ornaments.  Luckily for me  he’s gotten  over it. Now he is enjoying sleeping under it  as he sighs and glances up the middle at all the twinkly lights.  I think he really likes it!  So far he hasn’t bothered the wrapped presents so I’m feeling good.

Each of the 3 boys helped decorate the tree  . It always starts the same  , we are all together  but then slowly , one by one,   they tire and each  drifts away. Then if they walk through the room they might hang up some more …might … randomly assigning a spot for the ornaments we’ve accumilated through the years.  I don’t bother too much anymore about making it perfect because to me it looks “perfectly imperfect”. I wasn’t always that way but now I love it to be that way. A tree put together by each of us.

Its neat to imagine that each ornament was added at different times in our lives. Some before each of the boys were born when it was just Sam & I with our very first small christmas tree when we lived in Texas . Now our lives have grown and so has the  tree with its  old  vintage glass ornaments handed down by grapndparents , delicately handmade  knit stockings from when I was little by Grandma , the 3 violin ornaments I ‘ve saved from my very sweet violin teacher years ago, some purchased , some  handmade ornaments of all colors, shapes,  and sizes made by the boys each with a little less glitter as the year before .

I’d say our try has character.   O’ Christmas tree how lovely are your branches…..











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