Mar 7, 2014

Newborn Foal

The cutest little colt was born here in March  . He’s cute as a button  but I will need to get his pictures up sometime soon. He was a tricky one thou! Through all the weeks of me getting up numerous times in the night to check , it caused me to become  delirious with such a lack of sleep. I forced myself to get up at a little past 4am.  As I sleepily walked out to the barn I heard hay rustling  so I started to swiftly move but when I arrived to peer in the stall,  I  could see  I missed his birth by about 20  minutes.

Its pretty miraculous to watch  a newborn foal  stand for the first time . They make several attempts and fall down but they just keep on trying and soon they are up . These images are from a day from a few years ago on a quarter horse farm in Cherokee County Georgia  .

coltMarch15-0208coltMarch15-0210coltMarch15-0227coltMarch15-0236coltMarch15-0238Annies coltday2-0299



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