Aug 31, 2013

Georgia Peach Salsa with Napa Valley St Helena Olive Oil

I love when its peach season and Georgia truly grows some of the best peaches I’ve ever tasted.   They even taste amazing in this Peach Salsa I made with some of the tomatoes from our  garden and fresh peaches from the corner fruit stand . It’s made with one of my favorite things from Napa’s  St Helena Olive Oil Company Jalapeno olive oil.  Maybe I’m partial to this olive oil because I was able to taste it fresh while in Napa.   Its the best combination of spicy and sweet I think !  Recipe below :).




2 Peaches ( I’ve substituted  Mango’s sometimes  )

1/2 bunch fresh cilantro

1 Cup Georgia Vidala onion ( Up to 1 1/2 cup depending on taste)

1 Jalapeno pepper chopped

2 medium tomatoes

1 teaspoon Balsamic White Wine Vinegar ( or use favorite wine )

2 Tablespoons St Helena’s Olive Oil Jalapeno

Add Salt


Prepare Salsa.  Chop Tomatoes and peaches into small pieces .

Cup pepper in half and remove seeds . Chop finely .

Chop cilantro and place all into a small bowl .

Chop or dice onions  and add to mix.

Gently drizzle vinegar and Olive oil into salsa.

Mix lightly ,  serve with chips .

This also  tastes amazing with grilled chicken or  pork tenderloin.




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