Jun 20, 2012

Alex 2013 Sequoyah High School Senior

Meet this weeks senior Alex…. (aka Taylor Swift)… I’ll explain in a moment .  She has so many talents its amazing ! She plays the violin , danced since she was 3 , rides horses,etc…..  She really has so much going for her .     I tell you as we were taking her pictures so many of her friendly neighbors were walking by to see how it was going . One of them exclaimed out the window ” How’s it going , TAYLOR Swift!!! ” .  She is beautiful and does remind me of her in a way with her long curly blonde hair . She has her very own personality that I hope I captured to its fullest below. I was so excited for her because she looked so breathtaking being her natural self as we photographed in the fields as the sunset  !   We had so much fun and enjoyed meeting the family and some of the neighbors!




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