Apr 4, 2022

3 Ways to make your Grad cards Stand Out.

Hello Atlanta area Seniors! Are you getting ready for your senior grad Party?

The first thing you need to do is use your grad pictures for some amazing-looking grad cards for the ultimate announcements and invites. You’ll be the envy of all your friends! I know it’s probably starting to get a bit hurried now the last 3 months of your senior year so let’s get you ahead of the crowd and order cards today!

Lucky for you we have some great cards to choose from!

Below are 3 ways to have your grad announcements stand out from the rest.

  1. Our cards are custom! Your cards can get all the customizations of what you would like them to look like and say. We let you pick the design and from there I can change the colors, or font, what it says, and slightly alter colors to match your outfits or to complement what you are wearing. It won’t be the cookie-cutter announcement where you don’t have any control.
  2. Choose the card to match your personality. Are you a fashionista, artistic, or whimsical? Do you like straight lines, modern, or are you more floral? We have it all for guys and girls both!
  3. Get an A++ for manners! Make your Grad cards stand out even more with matching THANK YOU cards and sticker elements. We offer these in the Luxe collection that has a really powerful WOW factor! Many seniors opt for the lux collection! In the lux collection , you get your grad cards customized how you want, Stickers and seals , matching address labels, and corresponding thank you cards with tips on grad card etiquette as well!

Your cards are easy to order. Just let me know you’re ready and we can get started. They will be ordered and in the mail in no time as I will do all the work for you!

Email me if you’d like to get started!



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