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Oct 25, 2011

Ethan arrived a little sleepy but that didn’t last too long as he was off and running in no time. .  He was ready to  explore everything from lakes  and fields and my camera was ready! He even spotted deer tracks which lead us on a search for the deer .  Ethan’s Dad was part of […]

Aug 18, 2011

My youngest son  turned 11 . It seems impossible . Time really moves quickly .  So before it gets away another day I wanted to take some pictures of what he’s into lately. He acquired a brown cowboy hat from a friend of the family and wears it most days.  He whittles wood , plays […]

Apr 10, 2011

Meet Conner! I have known this gentleman since he was about 9 years old so I was so happy he asked me to do his senior portraits.   We went  on a hiking trail  for part of the session since  that is  one of his favorite things to do. He climbed rocks and trees and […]