I believe a picture is like poetry. Its something that comes straight from the soul . -
Rebecca Bonno






Hello! I am Rebecca . I specialize in senior Portraits . My desire  is to create meaningful, soulful , art of you that you will love!

I am a wife to my one true soulmate.
I am a mother to 3 amazing sons.
Family is my heart & soul.
I am a creative person . Always have been since a child. Many life instances got me to where I finally began to photograph. I wont bother with all that but  I first started photography with my SLR film camera when I took some black and white classes in  Fort Lauderdale in 1996 after years of point and shoot . I learned how to enlarge my own prints and develop them in a dark room. My subjects were nature & my baby boys.  It's been a long while since and many years went by while I viewed  photography as a hobby but wanted more. It wasn't until  2008; when I pursued this photography venture for others. It continues to keep evolving . I started out as only photographing children . I was terrified to photograph anyone other  than a child! I related to them so easily and it was fun!  As time has passed, I can really say I truly enjoy getting to photograph other genres. I love helping high school girls to feel good about themselves and to help create compassion & self -confidence from the inside out. 

Travel? Yes! I dream about my next adventure often!  I am crazy about horses and have been my entire life. My dream is to be able to ride on the beach again one day as I did most of the years I grew up . 

I long to find the place where all beauty comes from. Where ever it resides, I feel it is in everyone , even if you don't see it yourself. But it is there!  Beauty is love . It is the real you. Love allows us to see the beauty in the simple things. The beauty of a touch , a hand hold , the way the wind blows in your hair or across a field, a flower that tiny hands pick to bring to you, the gaze you're given from a loved one. 

I am beyond happy that I can share my passion and this gift with others . I truly feel a connection with each person I photograph and I put my heart into every image I take of you . I love so much when I capture your authentic, honest self.

Our lives are not always perfect but
I feel there is beauty in our moments of NOW whatever journey you are on in life . ​

Photos, to me, signify who we are and who we really desire to be.  Let's stop time for a moment and let me capture this side of YOU! 

 You know the saying , " the eyes are the windows to the soul ..."
I believe it and if you let me I'd love to capture it for you ! 

Let's get started!



want to tell

Live the life you 

I love poetry 

“The aim of every artist is to arrest motion , which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it , it moves again since it is life."

 ~William Faulkner


I love horses