Jul 15, 2014

Magnolia Hall Wedding Woodstock Cynthia + Wayne Georgia

Two amazing people found each other one  Thanksgiving day . It was a date and was almost called off twice.   Little did they know that their  lives would  eventually  navigate them to one another .  It was meant to be . They met at  one of the only restaurants open between them driving from seperate towns and spent the first of many hours laughing and talking about their lives .  It was there they realized  something they admired about the other .   Cynthia smiles and tells me they’ve been inseparable since.  And so begins an adventure of true happiness and love …..

They gazed   at each other intently , below the golden word of love , framed and intertwined with green vines . Intimate vows were shared with their promise to cherish one another always and then sealed with the sweetest kiss.  Bubbly champagne was served  as Wayne’s daughters read poems and Cynthia’s two sons expressed their authentic happiness with a reading  and a beautiful toast to their life ahead .

Cynthia’s son and fiance about to be married in just weeks….
Roberts Wedding2014-07-14_0015.jpg

A sand pouring symbolizing unity between  both their families in to one
2014-07-14_0011.jpg Here comes the   stylish strut down the aisle as husband and wife. Roberts Wedding

The Magnolia’s of course ….. Roberts Wedding
roberts Georgia_weddingfb2.jpg

These little pies are my new favorite food ! It’s like heaven in your mouth!

Venue: Magnolia Hall in Woodstock , Georgia

Catering : Magnolia Thomas Restaurant  in Woodstock , Georgia

Pies: Buttermilk Bakery in Gainsville , Georgia



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